Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day Three.... Yippee!

Day three...

I've realized more than anything that it's not caffeine that my struggles are with, it's sugar. I originally accepted this challenge knowing that cutting my sugar intake was necessary but hoping that I could ditch the caffeine habit. I thought caffeine was my major issue here, not necessarily sugar.

Caffeine: I've substantially reduced my caffeine levels with not too bad of an effect on my day to day liveliness. Aside from a kid yelling 'YOU'RE BORING' the first day, my body has responded quite manageably without elevated caffeine levels. Actually, I feel fine around 7:30AM.

Sugar: This is the painful one, the one that makes me think I need to have blood tests done for diabetes. For a while now, i'll crave something sweet before I go to sleep and get persistent and quite demanding if I don't get it. I knew that may have been an issue, but I didn't know the severity of the issue until now. Since i've switched drinks, I'm noticing sharp decreases in mood when i'm reminded or confronted for eating something sweet. I may be awake in the morning, but i'm not nearly as energetic as before. Perhaps it's all psychological.... perhaps it's a legitimate problem.... perhaps I should schedule a physical with my doctor....

Now: Aside from a coconut-syrup flavored drink I ordered yesterday and a 'skinny, sugar free vanilla latté' the day before, my new Starbucks fix is pictured below:
Iced Venti Green Tea + Solo Espresso Shot on the side

Hopefully i'll soon enough look like this again:  170lbs, semi-muscular/lean build and very, very tan.
Like the other picture, this was taken in London, U.K. in 2006... same day, actually.


  1. Day 3! You are doing great!

  2. go mr danesh go; ! :D
    your strong you can do it;! :D

    _maria&mom; xD